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Simona & Sašo

Mom and dad of Tavči tattoo shop since 2013 in Bled. We are truly happy our vision is developing, expanding and growing. In 2019 we moved to a new location where our apprentice Rebekka joined us in a bigger studio and in 2022 we accepted a new Tavči family member Tina. Let us introduce ourselves.

Simona Borštnar

I loved drawing ever since I was a child and I always felt the urge to create. I'd never imagined that I would have the honour to draw on people's bodies and call this my job even though I've always wanted to have a job that would have an artistic side to it. In 2013 Sašo introduced me to tattooing and helped me along the way. When I was confident enough I started working and eventually I had the honour to tattoo my own drawings & designs –I was hooked since then. When I think about it, I can't even imagine doing anything else today.

I've met so many amazing people through my work & I am honestly so grateful for your trust and support – it's what gives me inspiration, keeps me motivated and ready to embrace new challenges!

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Sašo Dudič

I was first interested in tattooing when I saw my grandfather's tattoo, who regretted his decision. He would always try and caution me away from tattoos saying »they last forever you know«, but I was still very infatuated with them. I always thought what a beautiful art of self-expression tattoos were.

I started tattooing in 2011 and after two years of working, I gained a lot of knowledge and experience so I decided to open my own studio – Tavči tattoo studio in Bled, Slovenia, where I work together with Simona. I learn, grow and improve my style with every project, but what I enjoy tattooing most is a mix of graphic/geometric designs, patterns and abstract. I also love to travel – go to different tattoo conventions and do guestspots at different tattoo studios all around the world. I love how this enables me to broaden my knowledge and improve my style.

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Rebecca Reja

Drawing and creating have been a part of me since I was a child. At the time, I was not aware that it would not be just a hobby, but my everyday life. After graduating from the Art High School in Koper, I continued my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, majoring in painting. I met Sašo and Simona when I came to get a tattoo from them. At the time, I never dreamed that I would be tattooing in a few years, let alone being a part of the Tavči team. In 2018 I finished my exams at the Academy and started my apprenticeship at Tavči studio. It would be very difficult to get here if I did not have such good mentors. It is a pleasure to be able to tattoo and meet interesting people who trust me with a part of them. Every day brings a new challenge.

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Tina Lipovšek

My love for art and beauty has always been with me, I have always loved to draw and create in different techniques. I was looking for a medium in which I could express myself and really enjoy it. I would never have thought of it, but at the end of 2018, my tattooing journey began. The beginnings were difficult and I am grateful to everyone who believed in me and trusted me with a piece of them so that I could learn and develop. I joined the Tavči team this year and I am thrilled to be able to work with them.

I do simple, stylized motifs, but I also tend towards dotwork realism, gradient and line tattoos. I mostly create in handpoke technique, but I am also working more and more with a machine, because I want bigger projects and new challenges. The handpoke technique is actually the oldest tattooing technique in which tattoos are made by hand, without the use of a machine. The experience is different and usually more enjoyable. Professional equipment is used for the production, and the tattoos are equally durable.

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Sašo and Simona attended multiple tattoo conventions at home and abroad. Just to name a few places where they worked: New York, London, Dublin, Brussels, multiple cities in Poland, Amsterdam, and of course in Ljubljana, Croatia, Italy and Austria. We won quite a collection of awards at the conventions and they gave us even more drive to continue improving and developing our tattoo styles. We are also so blessed to have worked with and next to the best tattoo artists in the world!

We are Tavči fam, our love for creativity and work connects us. In our shop we want to feel comfortable, relaxed and we want you to feel the same and to have the best experience. Hope to see you!

Foto: Tjaša Barbo


We protected your new tattoo with thin self-adhesive film called Dermalize Pro which provides most effective healing environment. You should remove Dermalize Pro after 5 days or leave it on for a few more days if everything looks as it should (there's no itching etc.). In case of bleeding or weeping, you should replace the film with another piece. Before applying new film you need to wash the tattoo thoroughly using antibacterial soap and lukewarm water. Make sure the skin is completely dry and your hands disinfected before the application.

REPLACING THE FILM explained in pictures⟶

To prevent infection, workout during the healing process (especially first 5 days after tattooing) should be avoided. Self-adhesive film Dermalize Pro is waterproof, but you should still be very careful during shower time as it can cause the adhesive bond to weaken. Excessive exposure to water should be avoided.

You should remove Dermalize Pro after wearing it between 5 days (minimum!) to 7 days. The best way to do so is to exposure the film to an excessive amount of lukewarm water and carefully clean the area using antibacterial soap. Gently dry the tattoo – do not rub the area, but simply pat it firmly, using clean towel (or something that is not abrasive!) to get it completely dry. Apply a thin layer of a recommended tattoo cream.

For the next three weeks after tattooing follow the instructions:

Wash the tattoo twice a day (in the morning and evening before bedtime) or as necessary (after workout, if itchy etc.).

Follow with a very light application of the recommended tattoo cream – 5-6 times a day the first week, 3 times a day the second week, 1-2 times a day the third week after tattooing. It's better if the area is a little more dry than completely moisturized.

After one week since film removal you will notice some peeling/scabbing. The itchiness might also appear, which is completely normal. This isn't always the case with smaller tattoos. It is extremely important that you don't pick or scratch your tattoo during the healing process! In case of extreme itchiness wash the tattoo with lukewarm water and keep it moisturized.

The healing process lasts approximately one month. Meanwhile, following the instructions is crucial to ensure that you end up with the best result with minimal complications and your tattoo will stay beautiful for a lifetime.

Swimming (whether in a pool/fresh/salt water) and sunbathing one month after tattooing should be avoided as it can cause an infection. Whether your tattoo is fresh or completely healed, you should always protect it (or even better, keep it) from the sun as it will dry out the skin and result in fading. Use a high quality sunblock (only on a completely healed tattoo!) to prevent the damage (minimum 30 SPF sunblock).

We care about our clients, that's why after a while (app. 1 month) you should come to the studio or send us a photo of your healed tattoo so we can check if everything looks as it should.

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Unfortunately, we do not tattoo clients who show signs of skin or scalp diseases.

We also don't tattoo pregnant women,

Our clients must be 18 or older.

If you have any illness (diabetes, epilepsy ...) or allergies, or you have gentle and difficult skin, consult your personal doctor about tattooing.

Tattoos are corrected for free (tiny things that only show up when the tattoo is healed). If the tattoo was not healed properly or superficially, we reserve the right to charge the correction at a normal price!

We do not tattoo any hostile (eg Nazi ...) motifs in the studio.

We are not tattooing people who are taking antibiotics!

We are not tattooing people who are under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants!

We only do tattoos in our own style. For us, every single client is unique and important that's why we always take as much time as needed to understand your vision, to consider your wishes & ideas and make a true art out if it. We believe that in this way we can achieve something truly breathtaking and unique! For more information and booking please contact us by e-mail.

All images are our work and are protected by copyright! If you wish to use the images for non-commercial purposes, please inquire by e-mail with a description of intended use.


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